The £3 Anti-Ageing Product Which Sells Every Second In France

The anti-ageing market in France is enormous, women spend £1.9bn annually, twice as much as British women. Once more, a survey on Escentual revealed that French women on average look 1.35 years younger than British women for every decade. So the fact that the product is taking France by storm is a reliable indicator of just how good it is.

The product becoming a necessity overseas is called Avène Eau Thermale, a water spray designed to soothe and refresh and you can pick it up from Boots.

Avène Eau Thermale Water Spray – 50ml, £3.00


An image of Avene Thermal Water Spray

What’s so good about the product?

The spritz is full of nutrients with soothing, calming and softening properties, making the product extremely versatile.

You can use it as an anti-frizz spray for hair, a soothing spritz to reduce redness and irritation and a make-up setting spray which give your complexion a boost to name a few. Boots also list that the product helps care for:

  • Sunburn
  • After anti-acne treatment
  • Diaper rash
  • Various forms of irritations
  • Razor burn
  • After hair removal

The very affordable cost is another great incentive and refreshing in a market where products tend to be at the other end of the pricing spectrum.

The sheer amount of uses the spray has illustrates why it’s quickly becoming an essential amongst women in France!


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