#Over40 – Like Mother, Like Daughter

How midsters mums are the new role models.

The over 40s, over 50s and beyond are different today.  Setting trends, wearing the same clothes as our daughters, definitely not elasticated clothes!

If you have a daughter, as their mother you buy their clothes for their formative years, often being their main influencer until they decide to break away and gain their own identity for clothing choices.  Back in those heady 80s when I was growing up,  we loved to shock our parents, from punk to the mod look to those big shoulder pads!   So how does that make you feel when you discover you are your daughter’s major style icon? Their own individuality is wrapped up in yours!

Your daughter decides to break into your wardrobe rather than create her own identity for clothing choices, do you put a lock on the door or step back and let their own individuality develop?

Hopefully I am an influencer today, inspiring my daughters dress sense with my style without cramping hers!


I should have trimmed my beard!!! 😅😁

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There are times I walk out of my bedroom to be confronted with a younger, slimmer version of myself wearing an identical outfit. So, who changes?

Is twinning a good look, have you ever dressed in the same clothes as your daughter?

I have only ever worn the same jeans as my daughter; I certainly wouldn’t want to wear the same outfit, she’d look far better in it!

Matching Shopping Hauls

An image of a mother and daughter clothes shopping together.

Whether online shopping or browsing through the local stores my daughter and I have such similar tastes that we often pick up the same item, at which point she normally suggests, “You buy it, I’ll borrow it!”… Classic, mum incurs the costs and never gets to wear it!

It is very flattering, that she still trusts my own taste, as when someone wants to buy her a gift and she wants clothes, she is confident telling them “Get mum to choose, I know I will like it”.

Lovely to hear and a great excuse to shop of course!

Influencing Their Style

It is lovely to advise, and inspire, but not to over influence. As they are younger they’ll be following recent trends while what used to be fashionable, to me, probably isn’t anymore.

I can hear myself now quoting my own mum, “I had one of those, the flares were wider in my day, and the collars were bigger!”

I always see pictures of stylish celebs stepping out with their daughters in matching, or equally chic outfits, clearly influenced by their mum. We must be doing something right!

Time To Leave?

Wandering through Topshop, as I linger over an item, I look around and think “Wow! I’m the oldest person in this shop, they must think I’m shopping for my daughter”. However, I actually like the items in there for myself, although they will probably end up in my daughter’s wardrobe.

Either way, sharing clothes and bags (but sadly not shoes) expands my wardrobe, and of course definitely expands hers! It makes shopping even more fun when we can swap items in the dressing room, and share links with each other while online shopping from the sofa! 

7 Trendy Twinning Celeb Mums & Daughters

1. Beyoncé Knowles & Blue Ivy Carter

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2. Reese Witherspoon & Ava Phillippe

No better way to celebrate the @DraperJames X @Netaporter collaboration than with my nearest and dearest!! 💋🥂💙

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3. Yolanda & Gigi Hadid

❤️New York street style with my mini me……. #MotherDaughter #Love #Family

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4. Jada Pinkett Smith & Willow Smith

So proud!🙏🏽 @willowsmith as Chanel ambassador😍✨ #willowsmith #jadapinkettsmith

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5. Goldie Horne & Kate Hudson

6. Jerry Hall & Georgia May Jagger

✨💋 Elle Magazine 2013 💋✨ . . . . #jerryhall #georgiamayjagger #iloveher😂 #👀 #👏🏼👏🏼

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7. Kelly & Sharon Osbourne

Happy New Year's Eve Everyone!

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Instagram is filled with mothers and daughers dressing alike, looking amazing and destroying the media stereotype of the invisible midster mother. And sometimes we are mistaken as sisters, we don’t just look like sweat alike.


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