#AgeAmazing Profile – Noel Gallagher, 50

Noel & Bono at Aynhoe Park, credit: Twitter / @U2start

The former Oasis lead guitarist, Noel Gallagher has turned 50 and celebrated with a Narcos-themed party with numerous celebrities making appearances including Bono and Madonna.

We’re pleased to see now at age 50, Noel Gallagher is still very outspoken and embracing his age, living how he wants to.

Noel’s considered one of Britain’s greatest songwriters ever, a musical genius who also provides witty and interesting interviews which have claimed an almost legendary status, where he voices his outspoken comments towards the state of British music, politics (see his latest comments on Harry Styles for example) and continues to write great and evocative music which evolves as he ages.

When speaking with Absolute Radio, Noel was asked about a midlife crisis and replied,

“I think people who have mid-life crises go to a certain age and think something is unfulfilled about their life, if it all ended for me tomorrow I think I’ve pretty much made my mark and I’ll be happy with that.”

He’s happily married to his wife, Sara Macdonald, the person “he loves spending time with the most” (he did joke how “un-rock-and-roll” that sounded and said shortly afterwards).

Although often subjected to his brother, Liam’s trolling on social media, he never bites. Despite not being invited Liam wrote an uncharacteristically sweet tweet to his older brother.

Guy Oseary, summed it up the #ageamazing philosophy that we love about Noel, “50 years young and living life to its fullest with his beautiful wife”.

Happy Birthday, Noel!


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