9 Ways To Make Christmas Less Stressful

It feels a lot like Christmas! And that can feel stressful. There is so much to do and there is social pressure to be in the Christmas spirit! 

Is it just me or does anyone else worry more at Christmas? I just had another sleepless night, the combination of menopause and Christmas seems to be triggering some anxiety in me.

However,  I am putting my positive Christmas hat on and going to let the magic in! Here’s my little merry plan to add the magic to my Christmas and reduce the stress:

1. Prepare and make a list.

As a kid we used to make a list of Santa, now make a list for yourself of all the things you need to do and put them in date order when you are going to do them so you can tick them off.. 

2. Tick off your activities early

It’s the first year my tree was up on the first of December and it feels good, so now I will try and get everything done a little earlier and leave the last week before Christmas free to enjoy.

3. Set yourself a budget and stick to it. 

The commercialism and digital  pressure to spend more and more on Christmas is increasing. So set yourself and family some guidelines that fit in with your finances. Why not agree to give fun gifts for under say £20/30 or plan an experience in the new year, or make something homemade! Taking a step back from the tendencies to spend more and more online stops the costs adding up. It’s also important to be honest with someone if you are struggling or cant afford presents. 

4. Stagger your shopping 

Rather than getting in a panic, try to set yourself a target or ordering so many presents a day, maybe one a day or arranging one or two shopping trips to somewhere you can get multiple presents.

5. Free up your diary

Don’t over commit to social commitments. Book time in diary to do practical stuff like wrap presents, and also book in time to relax, have a glass of prosecco and enjoy a bit of Christmas spirit with a Christmas film you love.

 6. Stop trying to be superwoman!

Take some of the stress out of Christmas and free up some time by getting some help. Pre order food online. There are some great Christmas entertainment feasts at all the big supermarkets like M&S, Waitrose, Asda, or book at table at a local pub . If you really want to treat yourself you can always book a professional present wrapper or Christmas tree decorator – although it may be easier to give out tasks to each member of the family!

 7. Less is more – downsize christmas

Why not go back to basics and have an old fashioned Christmas, a few crackers and board games and embrace a more retro minimal old fashioned Christmas vibe where you keep things simple!

 8. Go outside

With the crisp winter sun this is a great time of year to go outside and have a walk. Go outside with the family or just take a brisk 10 minute walk when things feel too intense.  A bit of fresh air and space really boosts your mood and helps burn some calories.

 9. Go easy on the food and booze

This is a time of fun, but a little control on how much you eat and  alcoholic drink can really help reduce your stress and anxiety.

Christmas is “the most wonderful time of the year” – all about love and understanding. However it can also be the most stressful time of year. So be kind to yourself at Christmas – if you are feeling stressed and can unbalance your hormones.  A few simple tricks like eating healthy all day and limiting the amount of snacks you have can really help.

My big piece of advice to myself . Christmas is about kindness not commercialism. So be kind to yourself at Christmas if you are feeling stressed. Tell those close to you if you feel under pressure, change plans so you feel more at ease and make time to relax.

Be kind to yourself this Christmas… do not worry and enjoy the magic!


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