9 Best Apps for Your Midlife Health & Happiness

When trying to achieve your health goals, it can be hard to keep track of your objectives and achievements. Luckily, most of us have a smartphone and whether you want to lose weight, increase fitness or just reduce stress, there is an app out there to help you along the way. So from fitness trackers to meditation apps, here are the best health resources that the Rejuvage team love!


Perfect for strength training and weight lifting, this app helps you create customised workouts that prioritise particular muscle groups. You can choose your activity, goals and workouts per week then get a workout plan with descriptions and videos. Although its free to track workouts, to get the most out of the app requires a subscription.

Fitness Point

Another app for strength training, this one has lots of references for exercising. It has some for free, but to see them all requires a subscription. There are hundreds to choose from so you can create your own plans and log your progress. They also have a version of the app just for women!

Fit Bit

Luckily you don’t need a Fitbit to use this app which tracks your sleep and running through your phone and lets you manually log meals, hydration and set goals. If you have a Fitbit activity tracker, it also syncs wirelessly. This app is free, although it may try and convince you to get a Fitbit to get the most out of it!

Nike Training Club

This app is completely free with over 180 workouts available including cardio, strength training and yoga. It’s designed especially for those who don’t have much time or specialist equipment. There are also some tips from trainers and celebrity-inspired workouts!


Diet is obviously just as important as exercise, and MyFitnessPal helps you easily counting calories by logging your meals and snacks. There are already millions of foods logged away as well as a barcode scanner for the products you buy. You can also log restaurant dinners and input home recipes.

It allows you to put in your weight and goal and it will advise how many calories to eat in order to achieve that goal. It’s free, but you can upgrade for an ad-free version with more tools. Its an app that has been around a while but it’s still the top fitness app on iTunes.


Important for your health is taking some time out and taking care of yourself. Meditation is a great way to do this and Headspace is the perfect app to help you learn. Taking 10 minutes to meditate can improve your health as well as sleep, patience and productivity.

Sleep Cycle

Getting a good amount of sleep every night helps your body as it heals and repairs itself, balances your hormones and helps maintain your sugar levels. Sleep Cycle helps you track your heart rate and quality of sleep. One of its best features is that its alarm wakes you up within your lightest sleep phase within a 30 minute period so that your alarm doesn’t pull you out of deep sleep and leave you feeling groggy.


Another app to help with stress, this app builds on a body of research about mental health to help with overcoming stress, negative thoughts and build better emotional health and resilience. Shifting from a negative to positive mindset takes practice, which this app helps with games and activities. The basic plan of the app is free with an optional subscription.

WW (Weight Watchers)

Consistently rated one of the best for weight loss, this app gives you access to food and fitness trackers, weight watchers recipes and a supportive community. Its nutritional science-backed system helps move you towards a healthier overall diet.


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