8 Products To Help Organise Your Cosmetics

Foundation, lipstick, moisturisers, straighteners, there can be a lot of things to make us ladies feel our best. The last thing we need is to have everything disorganised or lose essential items! We’ve pulled together a few items we love to help you organise your cosmetics and make your morning routine even easier.

Makeup Organiser

One of the best ways to improve your morning routine is to have all your daily makeup items out and easily accessible. There’s no point having your daily foundation buried under the red lipstick that you only wear on big nights out! One sure fire way to get organised is with a table-top make-up organiser for all your essentials.

BlissHome Glam Cosmetics Organiser – £18.00

Relaxdays Organizer with 4 Drawers, Cosmetics Holder – £17.82

Brush Holder 

How many make-up brushes do you have? Keep them neat with a brush holder, but get creative! There are lot of things than can be used as a brush holder! We like these candleholders from Ikea!


Ikea Candle Holder – £2


Storage Drawers and Boxes

As well as having your everyday makeup neatly organised, there are bound to be plenty of creams, different moisturisers and special make up that all needs a place. Buying a small set of drawers to neatly store everything is a great way to keep things tidy.

Lennart Drawer unit – £10

Alternatively, these boxes are a great way to organise all your products by different product types.

Variera Box – £3.50

Hair Dryer Storage

With all those wires, hair dryers and hair straighteners can be a hard thing store and look messy. These baskets are a good way to put these items out of sight but easily accessible when you need them. Just make sure they’re cooled down before you put them away!


Croft Collection Rattan Lidded Storage Basket – £45.00

Jewellery Storage

The last thing you want to do with your nice jewellery is just put them in a drawer, where they could get ruined or tangled. Muji has some great jewellery partitions for drawers to help neatly organise your necklaces.

Flip Top Box – 24.95

Jewellery Tray – £9.95


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