8 Home Workouts For When You’re Social Distancing due to Coronavirus

We’re in unprecedented time, with many of us working from home, self isolating, and the possibility of further lockdowns in the coming days. It’s important to keep everyone healthy that we follow Government advice. Even if you are not someone who is at risk, many others aren’t, so it’s important we follow government advice. That meant for many of us, we’re unable to go to the gym or dont feel like its safe to do so. However, exercising doesn’t need to stop just cause of Coronavirus. We’ve gathered some of our favourite workouts – from HIIT to Yoga – for you to do at home with little to no equipment. Schedule in some time in your day, find some space, and enjoy exercising in your own home!

Legs, Bums and Tums (15 Minutes) – XHIT Daily

This legs bums and tums workout is a great way to tone key areas of your body. Easy to do, and quick to show results, its just 15 minutes out of your day to do some low impact exercises like squats, leg raises and bridges.

Yoga For Complete Beginners (20 Minutes) – Yoga With Adriene

This yoga video for complete beginners is a great place to start with Yoga. It’s just 20 minutes and builds a solid foundation in stretching and breathing that you can take on to more advanced sessions. Yoga also helps relive stress and anxiety, so it’s especially useful to start whilst we’re going through such uncertain times.

Advanced Yoga (30 Minutes ) – YOGATX

For the more advanced yogi’s who cant get to their usual class, there are many advanced yoga workouts on YouTube, including this 30 minute power yoga workout.

Fat Burning HIIT Workout (15 Minutes) – The Body Coach TV

We love the Body Coach’s workouts! This HIIT workout is designed to help you burn fat. It’s high intensity, but dont regularly and it’s a great way to get results. He takes you through high knees, body crunches and more!

Total-Body Bodyweight Workout (7 Minutes) – My Fitness Pal

Not a YouTube workout, but MyFitnessPal has numerous home workouts on their website. This one enables you to use your own body weight to try some weight training. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and do as many repetitions as you can!

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Quick Morning Pilates Routine (15 minutes) – Lottie Murphy

Start your day right with this morning pilates routine that helps build up your core and leave you feeling strong and focused for the day ahead.

Pilates Workout (25 minutes) – POPSUGAR Fitness

For a more intense workout to tighten your entire body, this 25 minutes workout helps you core and gives you a good workout without leaving you too sweaty.

30 Minute Fat Burning (30 minutes) – Body Project

This 30 minute fat burning workout is designed for ‘real people’ and designed to be low impact, realistic and effective for any body type. One to get your sweat on!


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