7 Ways To Achieve A Stronger Jawline

Goodbye jowls, hello jawline!

A chiselled jaw is desired by men and women alike.  A rugged jaw adds definition to the face and provides a pleasing frame for our features.

As we age the natural changes to our face causes the skin to sag which obscures our jawline. But this is something we can change! Although our bone structure is inherited and can’t be altered significantly without the help of surgery, there’s plenty of ways to add definition, tone and strength to a jawline.

A close up cropped image of a middle aged woman's jaw.

1. Jaw Exercises

Working the muscles in your face and neck that support your jaw bone will help tighten your face and add definition to your jaw.

A great workout to try:

2. Dermarolling

Rolling this nifty little device full of needles across your neck and jaw punctures the skin and stimulates collagen. This helps tighten and rejuvenate the skin, ideal for reversing jowls.

3. Reduce Sodium Intake

Eating too much salt results in water retention, which gives you that puffy look. Cutting back on sodium will make your face leaner as you’ll no longer be retaining that excessive fluid.

Staying hydrated is also important. If you’re not drinking enough water you’ll have a tendency to retain the fluid, which adds chubbiness to your face.

4. Lose Body Fat

Your face is often the first to show the signs of losing weight. Although very little body fat is stored here, dropping the extra pounds results in a thinner face giving you a more defined jawline as a result.

5. Grow A Beard

A beard improves the contrast between your neck and face. You don’t need to go all out to the impressive beard the gentleman above is sporting, but a bit of designer stubble will certainly add some definition.

If you’re new to the beard game don’t make the rookie error of shaving your beard line right up to the where your jawline naturally ends. For a more natural transition imagine an arc leading from one ear to the other, that’ll give you a general idea of where your neckline should be.

6. Firming Neck & Jaw Creams

Try a firming cream to boost the natural production of collagen with a mix of nourishing botanicals to firm your skin while leaving your complexion with a healthy glow.

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Olay Regenerist 3 Point Firming Moisturiser SPF30 50ml, £19.99


7. Jaw Augmentation Treatments & Surgery 

Surgery is a great option to have to fill out your jawline. Surgically enhancing your jaw can be achieved through implants or the less invasive routes of a volumizing facial filler or threading.

Jaw implants are ideal for a narrow face and add mass to your jaw bone, widening the angle of the jawline.

Fillers are a great option if you’re not looking to have surgery, although the effects are temporary. Volumising fillers enhance the jawline and increase chin projection, it’s a quick procedure lasting around 40 minutes and doesn’t require downtime.

Threading is another option which involves inserting fine threads into the skin which are then pulled tight, lifting the underlying muscles. This helps restore volume to sagging cheeks and tighten the skin under the jaw.

For more information about surgical options see our treatments & surgery pages.

Although many of us may envy midsters like Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie who are graced with the sharpest of jawlines, adding definition to yours is certainly not out of the question, improving tone is as simple as a few exercises and lifestyle changes.


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