7 Virtual Experiences To Do During Lockdown

We dont know about you, but we’re definitely hitting the boredom stage of lockdown. We’re used to being out and about, going to shows or gigs, eating at restaurants, seeing friends. But instead we’re at home doing the same thing every day. To help keep the boredom at bay, we’ve gathered some things you can do to keep entertained and bring some variety to the monotony!

Take Part in an Online Pub Quiz

There are a lot of virtual quizzes going on at the moment! You can find them on YouTube or Instagram, and some take place live on a weekly basis, or you could try Jimmy Carrs ‘The Little Tiny Quiz Of The Lockdown‘ in which he gives 10 questions a day, and then releases the answers later that evening. LGBTQ+ collective Sink the Pink have also started up a virtual quiz on a weekly basis on their Instagram and includes cabaret, great cocktail recipes and lockdown prizes (including toilet roll!). Tune in next Thursday at 7:30!

Attend an at Home Yoga Retreat!

For the yogi’s who love to get away for a yoga retreat to meditate and take time out, many companies are offering online yoga retreats. They include a timetable with different yoga sessions, and encourage you to step away from the distractions in your house to meditate and relax. This one from Ekhart Yoga takes you through yoga and meditation classes throughout the time, with some free time as well, over one or two days.

Stream an Online Art Exhibition

The Tate will be streaming various video recordings of their exhibitions. You can virtually tour the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Fancy travelling a bit further virtually? The Van Gogh Museum has a virtual tour videos on their website of the largest collection of artwork by the artist including 200 paintings!

Watch a Theatre Show

We love to go to the theatre, but with all the theatres shut down and the country in lockdown, its looking like it will be a while before we can enjoy a musical or a play! However, many theatre companies are streaming recordings of their shows. Andrew Lloyd Webber has been releasing one of his shows every week for people to enjoy, and the National Theatre is also streaming weekly recordings of their shows. They are asking for donations if possible to help the theatre industry weather the storm while everything’s shut down, but the price of a donation is still a lot less than seeing a show live so its worth it!

Go to a Virtual Nightclub

Fancy re-living your youth and going clubbing? You dont even have to worry that everyone there might think you’re old as you can rave from the comfort of your own living room! Boiler Room has been live streaming DJ sets from clubs and festivals for years, and now its going inside DJ’s home for isolation sessions! Turn the lights down low, a drink in hand, and dance like no ones watching – because no one is!

Watch a Film

But not like any other film night, experiential movie giants Secret Cinema have started Secret Sofa. They choose a film a week and send you an email with how to get in the ‘spirit’ of the movie including costume suggestions and music playlists around the films theme. They also have teamed up with Häagen-Dazs and Amazon Prime to get a themed flavour to eat with the movie!

Try an Escape Room

If you dont know what an Escape Room is, its a 1 hour experience where you are locked in a room and have to solve clues to get out. Well, now they’re online too! You enter a virtual room and a live games master takes you through things. You pick the things you want to look at, and the games master reveals things that you find and clues. You can either all gather round one computer, or get a bunch of people together on one call.





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