7 Products To Help You Feel Your Best

When it comes to feeling confident, many of us feel this has to come from within. This is true, and positive affirmations and self care are important to making you feel the best version of yourself. However, when you feel good on the outside, this can also help build your confidence on the outside. Walking out of the house looking your best, with your skin slowing and make up looking great is obviously going to make us feel good!

In the spirit of feeling empowered, we have gathered some products to help you feel good!

Yves Saint Laurent Pure Shots Serum – Lines Away – £47.00

Yves Saint Laurent’s new line of urban skincare products is designed to effectively target particular concerns. This ‘Lines Away’ serum is formulated to target lines and wrinkles and gives you supple and silky smooth skin to leave you feeling confident.

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Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask – £18.00

Get a facial in 5 minutes with Charlotte Tilburys Dry Sheet mask – it can be used three times and it visibly smooths, brightens and reduces the appearance of wrinkles for a plumper-looking complexion.

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Fabletics Gratitude Workout Outfit – £49.00

Exercise makes us feel good. It makes us feel in control and healthier. And looking good while you work out makes us feel even better! Invest in some quality workout gear, like this outfit from Fabletics!

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Lush Bath Bombs – £6.95

Self-care is imperative to making us feel good! Lush bath bombs force you to take some time for yourself for a soak. This bath bomb from Lush blends sweet and herbal scents to soothe your skin and lavender oil to soothe your mind.

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Smile Makers – The Tennis Coach – £39.90

Nothing makes you feel better than a bit of self pleasure! Smile Makers have a range of vibrators that offer different sensations and benefits. The tennis coach is designed to dually pleasure you internally and externally!

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MAC Love Me Lipstick – £17.50

We dont know about you, but a bold lip makes us feel beautiful and confident. MAC’s empowering collection comes in 24 shades, from nudes to powerful reds and purples. They’re light to wear and ultra moisturising too!

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Boux Avenue Lingerie – £49.00

Feeling sexy underneath your clothes permeates throughout you and leaves you feeling confident! Invest in some sexy underwear to make you feel empowered and at your best, even if its just for you and no one else!

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