7 Beauty & The Beach Cheats For Midsters

Our favourite shortcuts to get you to the beach in style.

Life is too short to spend time perfecting a beach body – but just because you didn’t drop a dress size or spend a small fortune on spa treatments ahead of your holiday doesn’t mean you cant go shore-side in style.

Here’s how to cheat your way to beach glamour!

1. The Tan…

You can’t hurry love – and the same goes for an all-over suntan. Burnt shoulders and tan lines are never going to be a good look, so you need prepare to bare well ahead.
Self-tan is your best friend here because faking it will stop you rushing to tan (and consequently burning) when you arrive at your resort. An easy to apply option that you can build daily delivers a natural, long lasting look.

St Tropez Golden Glow In Shower Tanning Lotion, Medium

St Tropez Golden Glow In Shower Tanning Lotion, Medium 200 ml

Then, when you go out in the sun use high factor SPF to gently and slowly build a natural tan. You may not get the deep, dark look of someone who has spent the summer in the sun – but you will protect your skin from damage, and still look as if you have been on holiday!

Ambre Solaire Ultra-hydrating Sun Cream SPF50+ 50ml, £5.00

#AGEAMAZING: Apply suncream before you head to the beach: this gives it time to settle into your skin, and avoids a messy ‘sand faff’ situation.

2. Beach Bronzed Make Up…

The beach is no place for a full face of make up, so if you’re used to wearing colour then be prepared to pare things down a little.

Bronzing blush with a touch of shimmer…

An image of Limited Edition Summer Bronzing & Blush Compact


Limited Edition Summer Bronzing & Blush Compact £30.00

It looks great in beach sunlight, and SPF lip balm is an essential for protection as well as a great way to add a subtle gleam to your lips:

A waterproof mascara – sweat and swim resistant – is also a good choice.

Truly Waterproof Mascara £21.50

#AGEAMAZING: A pre-vacation brow tint and lash extensions will make holiday make up a breeze.

3. Beach hair…

Your vision of beautiful beach hair may be sexy, windswept, tousled curls – but in reality, sea water and sand can leave your hair looking more like a tangled mop.

Luckily there are some great styling products on hand to ‘fake’ your desired beach look by adding body and texture to fine hair.

surf spray Sexy beach texture, matte finish, volume, hold

At the end of the day, use a moisturising shampoo to cleanse and restore a silky shine to your hair.

#AGEAMAZING: If your hair is colour treated, it’s wise to wear a hat or head scarf to protect it from excessive lightening while you are in the sun.

4. Body care…

If you’ve missed the boat (or, frankly, couldn’t be bothered!) when it comes to cellulite creams, intensive moisture treatments and all over body scrubs then at least indulge a little TLC on your shins. This area is very prone to dryness as it has less sebaceous glands (and, unfortunately, these function less well as we age) and so can appear scaly and dry compared to other areas of your body.

For best results, always exfoliate your skin first, then apply a moisture-loaded skin treatment daily.

elemis nourishing body cream

Elemis Skin Nourishing Body Cream, £30.00

5. Neat feet…

Toes are transformed by a pop of nail colour – and now is the time to opt for a shade that works well with a tan – hot coral or aqua blue:

Hot Coral - Nail Varnish

Time For A Napa – Hot Coral  Nail Varnish, £12.50

tranquil blue opi nail varnish

Suzi Without A Paddle – Tranquil Blue Nail Varnish, £12.50

Two of our favourites, but don’t let the treatment end there. A full pedicure will smooth and soften dry areas so that your feet are 100% flip-flop fabulous – because there’s nothing more pleasing than gazing down at your own feet, looking lovely.

#AGEAMAZING: Pack your nail polish incase you need to touch up a chip mid-holiday.

6. What to wear…

No one is too old for a bikini. Fact. But if you want to wear a one piece, or a sarong or a kaftan then that is fine too: there are so many stylish options to choose from, however much skin you want on show. A wide brimmed hat will protect your skin and hair from strong UV rays, or wear a baseball cap with a long peak.

Keep your cool with an occasional mist of water spray, a fabulous way to refresh yourself if you the sea or pool is just too far to walk!

#AGEAMAZING: Keep some of your beachwear budget aside for a large beach bag: when it comes to beach style, you really don’t want to be seen lugging everything across the sand in a Waitrose Bag for Life.

7. The best way to look wonderful

Relax. Enjoy the sun on your back and the sea breeze in your hair…and be comfortable in your sun-kissed skin. Whatever your age, confidence and contentment are the ultimate key to feeling good.


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