6 Experience Ideas for a Unique Mothers Day

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right way to celebrate our mums on mothers day and many of us will reach for the usual flowers and card, or a relaxing spa day. While there’s nothing wrong with the usual gifts and our mums are usually happy whatever we do, sometimes it’s nice to think outside the box for mothers day. Arranging a unique experience for your mum can mean a lot and create unique memories. They don’t all have to cost a bomb either!

Go for a walk or a hike

There’s nothing like the great outdoors, and with spring on our doorstep, it’s the perfect time to plan in some fresh air and a great view. Long walks give you a good opportunity to talk to each other, catch up or reconnect. You can pick a trail that has great views, or time it round the sunrise or sunset to make it extra special. National Trust has both some great properties as well as hiking trails to help you plan a trip! Bring some nice snacks, water and other goodies as well so you can have a snack break and take in the view!


If your mum loves yoga or you think she would like to try it, there are many special yoga classes you could take her too for mothers day. Yoga is a great way to relax, get fid and spend some time meditating. Rooftop yoga is popular, especially in London, offering views over the city while you meditate. There is also sunrise yoga, which requires an early start but a unique experience for you and your mum. Many of these also provide breakfast afterwards as part of the experience! Research outdoor yoga in your area, or if you are an experienced yogi yourself, head to an open area with a couple of yoga mats and take your mum through some basic moves and meditation yourself!

Go on a picnic

Whether it’s out in a field or on the beach, picnics with your mum are a way to show you care without spending lots of money out in a restaurant. Spend some time to make her favourite foods, or go buy something she loves from her favourite Deli. Putting the effort into all the food she loves and a beautiful setting will make the perfect day out.

Take a class together

Taking a class together can be a great way to bond and make memories. There are so many different types you can do, depending on the interests of you and your mum. Cooking courses offer a chance to cook a certain cuisine you usually don’t, or just brush up (or show off) your skills! If you want to go beyond just the kitchen, many places offer foraging courses, helping you learn how to identify plants, mushrooms and berries that you can eat and cook! If food is not your mum’s thing, one-off painting or art courses can get your creative juices flowing! All these courses give you a chance to enjoy and learn something together – think about what your mum loves or you think she would enjoy and look around at what courses are available for mothers day!

Go on a weekend adventure!

Whether your mum loves hiking, bicycling, or would just love a couple of nights at a bed and breakfast – a weekend away doing what she loves is a great way to celebrate everything she has done for you. You can do any of the above activities as part of the weekend too – make the weekend all about her and what she loves!

Get a matching tattoo…

Ok so this is not for everyone – but if you’re both feeling particularly crazy then why not – you only live once! If you’re not feeling brave enough, henna tattoos only last two weeks and can be a fun experience!


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