6 Big Wellness Trends for 2021

The pandemic has made us all focus on the importance of health and wellness, with more of us doing home workouts and spending time in nature. These trends have set the tone for 2021 and the focus on home wellness, immunity and nature is set to continue. Recently a Global Wellness Summit bought together journalists and forecasters to predict the trends of 2021:

1. Boosting your Immunity

Even with the vaccine on the horizon, strengthening your immune system is still top of the agenda. This is especially try for the over 50’s who are more vulnerable to Covid19. We will see people investing more into immunity enhancing treatments,  supplements and food to increase gut health and strengthen the immune system.

2. Spending Time with Nature

One thing lockdown has taught us is to value the environment around us and many of us have connected with nature in a deeper way by walking, hiking, cycling, country trips, wild swimming. Dog ownership in 2020 as more people got puppies while they were working from home, has also bought more people outside. These outdor activities are growing fast and has meant a new awareness of the mental and physical benefits of spending more time surrounded by trees and nature. Its also reinforced by concern over sustainability, and carbon footprint.

3. Home Wellness

With the combination of more spending more time home and the availability of online workouts, the home has become a ‘wellness’ refuge. Whether its hot tubs, air purifiers and humidifiers, or home gym equipment, many of us are investing in technology to create spaces at home to workout in or improve wellness. We are also seeing a rise in people moving out to the country so they have more space to create a healthy home environment and nurture themselves at home, especially now its less likely people will have to commute as much for work.

4. Self Care Beauty

At home self care beauty trend became a necessity during lockdown and is predicted to grow in 2021, especially as more affordable home tech beauty devices become available. From electronic facial devices to massage guns and virtual beauty consultations and classes, the at home beauty experience and packages are growing.

5. Real Sexual Wellbeing and More

A more real more authentic approach to health and beauty is set to replace the  superficial glossy side of wellbeing that has dominated the media in the past. With everyone locked at home and affected by some big issues over the last year, barriers have been removed for many of us. We are seeing an increased visibility in women’s sexual wellbeing and women are being more open about their needs from birth control, periods and menopause which is giving rise to more femtech.

6. Long Term Health and Wellbeing

The pandemic was a painful reminder on the dangers of being sick, overweight and unhealthy. It highlighted the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle rather than waiting till you are sick to take action. The awareness of the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle, combined with the increase availability of online wellness support means adopting healthy habits and approaching wellbeing as part of your lifestyle is a something that is on the rise.  Making wellbeing a more visible part of daily life is one of the best foundations for a healthy 2021!


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