6 Best Fake Tans for a Natural Glow in 2019

With summer around the corner, some of us are taking a look at our bright white legs that we have been hiding away all winter and thinking about some fake tan. Most of us have had some sort of fake tanning disaster – from turning too orange to those dreaded streaks. However, done right a fake tan can make you feel good and not be afraid to get our pins out before you have had a chance to enjoy the sun fully and enjoy a natural tan.

Don’t Rush It – Preparation is Key

Rushing tanning is just asking for a disaster. They take time, and that includes prepping your skin up to 24 hours before you apply the tan. Make sure you have plenty of time set aside to avoid those streaks from rushing it. Exfoliate your skin to get rid of those dead skin cells and make sure your skin is moisturised with plenty of time for it to absorb. Also, make sure all hair removal is done in advance!

Trial Them First

There is nothing worse than applying fake tan to your whole body and then turning way too dark! It’s important to try some fake tan on a small part of your body that’s not usually on display just to check you are happy before going for it.

Best Fake Tans for 2019

St Tropez Gradual Tan Miracle Lotion – £11.60

Lightweight and non-sticky, this lotion absorbs into the skin instantly to avoid streaks. It is also deeply moisturising. It gives you a natural-looking sunkissed glow and a gradual tan that builds up over use. Find out more.

Tan Luxe – Drops – £42.00

A new way to tan, tanning drops can be added to any moisturiser so that it gives you a natural glow. With raspberry seed oil and Vitamin C to give your skin a boost, these drops ensure that you will look sun-kissed rather than an orange! Find out more

James Read Coconut Water Body Tan Mist – £19.00

James Read’s tanning mist develops over 3-5 hours. It dries quickly and moisturises your skin whilst delivering proven anti-ageing benefits! Get a golden, natural looking tan that’s easy to apply. Find out more.

Omorovicza Glam Glow – £37.00

A citrus-scented self-tanner that gives you a natural glow, whilst also restoring suppleness, elasticity and tone to the skin. It leaves your skin younger-looking with its natural ingredients and deep cleansing minerals. Find out more.

Tan-Luxe Gradual Tan Lotion – £22.00


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