53 Year-old Makes Impressive Fitness Transformation In Just 12 Weeks

Image credits: Back2Fitness

Bren Foster, a 53-year-old managing director from Leicestershire has made an impressive physical transformation after following a new fitness regime for 12 weeks.

Tired of seeing a lack of results, he decided to take action, cleaning up his diet and sticking to a consistent programme.

“I was an average gym goer, I got the wrong side of 50 years old and woke up new year’s day and felt like rubbish. I thought I’ve got to make a life choice here, I need to do something about it.” Bren explains.

Inspired by rugby star Neil Back MBE, Bren embarked on the Back2Fitness programme which involved a complete fitness and diet overhaul.

“I love rugby and Neil Back was a legend in his day and won the world cup. And this guy’s done it, he’s won the ultimate prize in rugby and I wanted to be like that, athletic and in shape. Then I looked at this Back2Fitness programme and it worked.” Bren said.

The regime includes a nutritious diet of four meals a day plus snacks with short but intense 35-45 minute workouts.

An image of middle aged Bren Foster doing pull ups at the gym.

Talking about his experience of the programme, the 53-year-old admits it was hard at the beginning. Although he quickly found a rhythm, spurred on by the results he was seeing.

“The first month, getting rid of the bad habits. Old habits are hard to crack but because the progression is so good after a month you think I’m not going to mess this up now. I found it easier to follow and the more you get into it, you come out there thinking I’ve worked that hard to get here I’m not going to mess it up.”

12 weeks later and Bren has dropped 3kg while increasing muscle mass and strength without a single injury or setback.

This shows that approaching middle age isn’t a limit for when it comes to getting fit and changing yourself physically.

Regarding the results, Bren says “I’m 53 and fitter now than I was at 20. I didn’t want a dad bod, I’m impressed and getting some lovely comments.”

An image of middle aged Bren Foster with the Back2Fitness team.

Bren (left) with the Back2Fitness team, including Neil Back MBE (second from right).

He adds, “I’m chuffed with the results and with how I feel. I sleep better now, I’ve got more energy and I’m more productive at work.”

Getting into shape has an abundance of physical and mental benefits. Consistent exercise improves cognitive function, boosts mood and fights fatigue, and it’s never too late to start training.

Bren gives his advice for the mature man looking to get in shape,

“Just give it 12 weeks, it goes in the blink of an eye, just give it a whirl and you’ll never look back. I know what it’s done for me and what I feel like at work and now I feel like a new man. Just stick with it and you’ll be amazed.”



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