50+ Positive Thoughts To Unlock the Law of Attraction in 2019

The thoughts we think and the words we speak are constantly shaping our world and experiences. Despite all the positive affirmations and quotes flying around on social media many of us are in an old habit of negative thinking. We get stuck in certain thought processes that shape our lives.

As we head into a new year, this is an ideal opportunity to change our thinking. We can choose to let go of the negative thoughts and let them dissolve away. The more you infuse positive affirmations and words into your daily thinking the more you start to see them coming true.

So, to help kick start the new year we have gathered together some life-changing thoughts! Let these affirmations and words wash over your mind and let your subconscious pick up the ones that are relevant to you to shape the new year

Positive Affirmations

  • Release old negative beliefs and focus on new positive thoughts – thoughts can be changed.
  • Your thoughts should be your best friends – keep hold of happy thoughts.
  • Every thought you think is creating your future. If you notice a thought going astray then change it.
  • You have an unlimited choice over what you think!
  • Your thoughts today create your future.
  • Be willing to make changes in yourself to help you cross new bridges with ease.
  • You are on a wonderful pathway of change and growth so enjoy your journey.
  • Your healing is already in progress. Get the negative out of the way and create an atmosphere of positive to heal you.
  • Trust your inner wisdom and your inner intuition, it is on your side.
  • Learn to forgive – have a willingness to forgive both yourself and others.
  • Be deeply fulfilled by what you do – you will never have this day again so make the most of it.
  • Trust the process of life. You are learning to live the best life, so the more you learn the more wonderful life feels.
  • You have the perfect living space – feel love for your home so that you have a place filled with positive vibrations.
  • Let go of the past and free yourself from old hurts. No matter what happened in the past you are free today to create your future.
  • We were all born to be trusting, so we can unlearn the negative.
  • Do the best you can and let go of all expectations.
  • If you love yourself and know that only good awaits you then the future will be good.
  • Release everything that clouds your vision.
  • You are safe, and all life loves and supports you – a reminder of what is important. Embrace the good.
  • Every person in your life is a reflection of you – the people I do not like are a reflection of the side of ourselves we do not like
  • Balance you masculine and feminine sides in your life.
  • Freedom is your divine right – no person can think for us, in our minds we have total freedom, so we are free to think wonderful thoughts.
  • Release all fears and doubts – free yourself from all destructive thoughts.
  • Too many of us do not pay attention to our inner voice, you do know what to do.
  • Let the divine intelligence inside you guide you.
  • Love life – every day is unique, so live each day freely and love life.
  • Love your body, take loving care of your body, every muscle and bones and cells – it gives you life.
  • With peace in your mind, you will have a happy life
  • All is well, and all is safe – repeat it when you feel a problem and you will find a solution to the problem.
  • I am at peace – nothing can touch your inner peace. Divine peace and harmony surround you and you feel compassion for everyone around you.
  • Be like a willow tree and adapt to new changes, a flexible mind and body is better to live in.
  • Flow with life and go beyond anyone else’s fears and limitations.
  • It is your mind that creates your experiences.
  • You are worth loving.
  • Do not feel you are not loveable if you do not have the perfect body or job – we do not have to earn love, we deserve love.
  • Learn to love your thoughts, no person or thing has any control over you.
  • Others reflect the love you have for yourself.
  • You can choose to feel as old or young as you want.
  • You came into this life to experience every age. Be at peace with your age, you are always at the perfect age.
  • You cannot replay yesterday. Enjoy the special moments of today, enjoy every moment because you have never experienced it before or again.
  • Say yes to life and life will say yes to you.
  • You can choose to create your positive future.
  • Life mirrors your every thought – as you keep your thoughts positive life brings you positive experiences.
  • Wealth has to do with consciousness – if you do not reach out you will not feel the abundance.
  • Your good comes from everywhere, from everyone.
  • Believe all is well in your world.
  • When you are ready emotionally and mentally life will give you back just what you need.
  • Life supports you – when you support the laws of life you will be fulfilled and safe.
  • Believe your future is glorious.
  • As you walk through life without negative thoughts the more doors will open up to you. Greet them with open arms.
  • You create your own reality. Your thoughts shape your world and experiences.
  • Bless your current job, keep your affirmations to the positive. Be open to new jobs and people.
  • Believe that everything that you touch will be a success.
  • You can be as successful as you think you can be.
  • You are the blessed and deserve the best.
  • The only thing that stops us is believing we do not deserve the best in the future is ourselves.
  • I am mentally and emotionally equipped.
  • What you need to know at any moment is known to you.
  • Life is simple and easy.
  • What you believe about yourself and life comes true for you – it is that simple.

One of the best decisions we can make is to think kind, positive and loving thoughts. The more positive vibes you give out the more you get them back. You cannot control others, so let people come into your life for a time and then you let them go. We all need love and positive energy to change your life. The laws of life are easy and simple – what you give out comes back to you.

All you need to do is to believe in yourself!

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