5 Ways To Improve Energy Levels

Inconsistent energy levels and fatigue become more common as we age. It’s natural and expected not to have the same energy level as in your 20s, however, chronic fatigue isn’t normal and can be warning for an underlying health issue, so It’s important to rule out medical issues beforehand. If you struggle with a moderate level of tiredness and you’re just not feeling your best, there are some simple lifestyle changes you can try.

Be More Active

Exercise for 4 or 5 days a week and you’ll reap a plethora of benefits from clearer thinking and better mood to more energy. The National Institute of Ageing state that just 30 minutes of exercise a few days a week is enough to benefit.

Did You Know: Studies have shown just a ten minute walk can boost your energy levels and help you feel more awake for 2 hours.

Reduce  Stress

Less stress is more energy. We’re big advocates for actively practising mindfulness through meditation, which reduces stress and improves mood. Also taking stress exposure seriously and having a few stress management techniques on hand is always good. Yoga, deep breathing, fresh air are great for lowering stress levels.

Clean Up Your Diet

It’s no mystery that there’s a link between what you eat and your energy levels, despite it not always seeming like this is the case. A few easy tips for more energy through your diet are:

  • Eat whole grains as your primary carb source
  • Reduce sugar intake
  • Eat high-fibre foods
  • Get enough protein

If you need more advice to help you get started with cleaner eating, see our guide. Available for free download: https://rejuvage.com/guides/

Sleep Quality

The risk of insomnia increases with age.  Lower quality sleep is common due to the fact that ageing is the most important factor which affects sleep rhythm. Getting quality sleep is essential for your energy levels. Make an active approach to how you sleep by having a relaxing pre-sleep routine, set enough time to sleep and have a digital detox 90 minutes before bed, it’ll affect how you sleep for the better.

Watch Alcohol Consumption

Speaking of sleep, moderate to high amounts of alcohol cause a reduction in REM sleep, which is the phase of sleep that is most restful. Alcohol also has a rebound effect which causes you to wake, disrupting your sleep.

These lifestyle change all contribute to boosting your energy levels. However if you do find fatigue persisting, a trip to the doctor is always a good idea!



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