5 Reasons We Can’t Resist Strawberries During Wimbledon Week

…or anywhere else for that matter.

The tasty fruit is bursting with nutritional benefits it is no wonder strawberries are so popular especially this week with over 140,000 punnets of strawberries sold at Wimbledon.

They’re munched away on as if popcorn while we watch the drama unfold on the court. The fruit is synonymous with the event and it’s hard to imagine any other taking its place.

So what makes strawberries so great?

1. The Perfect Superfood

There’s very little we can fault with strawberries nutritionally, they’re low in sugar, calories and an excellent source of various vitamins including C and K, antioxidants, fibre and manganese.

They aid digestion, boost the immune system and promote eye health, they also help with hay fever and asthma due to their high quercetin content, making it the ideal superfood for summer.

Credit: Clem Onojeghuo

2. Smoothies

Strawberries is a favourite when it comes to flavour. It’s the most popular flavour of confectionary and a tasty addition to a smoothie, adding a boost of nutrition and sweetness to the mix.


3. The Taste Of Summer

The strawberry season starts in late April through till August, making them plentiful in the summer. We can pick them up locally from farmers or even chose to pick them ourselves when the sun is shining. The fruit is forever associated with summer and a welcome addition to our summertime favourites including champagne, Pimms and ice-cream.

4. Strawberry Face Masks  

The fruit is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids meaning they’re a great component for face masks. Strawberries can nourish the skin, helping to brighten dull complexions and add a radiant glow!

5. The Ideal Desert Companion

The versatile little fruit makes for a great dessert. Strawberry cheesecake, strawberry tarts, sorbets, a favourite to complement meringues and Victoria sponge. The succulent sweetness of strawberries makes them a delicious dessert companion!

There’s little to fault about strawberries, they’re rich in nutrients and a traditional treat ideal for the Wimbledon experience. The fruit goes with our favourite summer-time tipples and compliments just about any dessert!


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