5 Pro-Ageing Benefits Of Clean Eating

Clean eating is one of the best things you can do for your health and wellbeing. It’s simple, eat better and you’ll look and feel better. Our cleanse guide is packed full of tips to help you start, download it here.

So many people confuse eating well with putting on weight. It’s a big misconception since you need to eat to stop your body from storing food as fat, 3 good meals a day and 2 snacks will get that metabolism fired up! And don’t forget to throw in some chillies/turmeric and cayenne pepper!

Following a clean diet is extremely important and getting in the right mix of nutrients can help prevent some of the less desired symptoms of ageing.

So if you haven’t yet, here’s why you need to start clean eating.

1. More energy

A balanced diet full of complex carbs while reducing sugar intake will give you more sustained energy throughout the day. Combining complex carbs with protein gives you an energy boost without the inevitable crash that sugar gives. 

2. Detoxifies Your Body

Clean eating rids the body of toxins, something we naturally become way less efficient at as we age. Detoxifying your body means your liver and stomach will be able to work more effectively, you’ll have better circulation, improved skin, a stronger immune system and clearer cognitive function.

3. Aids With Weight Loss

Although eating at a deficit will always result in weight loss no matter what you eat, a clean diet full of fibrous foods and an adequate amount of protein will satiate you much more than junk and processed foods. This will also help your body composition improve by losing fat and retaining lean mass.  

4. Eat Your Greens!

Believe it or not, it’s possible to take years off your appearance by eating the right foods. You can even reverse some parts of ageing if you increase your intake of certain superfoods. Following a diet rich in antioxidants, omega 3 oils, anti-inflammatories (we love turmeric!) and amino acids contribute to a glowing and plumper complexion.

5. Balances Hormones

Fat is one of the most important macronutrients for balanced hormones and increasing your intake of healthy fats through avocado, nut butter and eggs will stabilise hormone levels.

See our free clean eating plan for more, where we have recipe ideas, meal plans and everything you’ll need to clean up your diet!  And don’t forget to DRINK plenty of water, this will keep you full and hydrated.

An image of the rejuvage clean eating guide to support the ageing process through eating =, the guide includes recipe ideas, a meal planner, shopping list and supplement advice!


Check out our clean eating guide – it’s packed with great recipes and great tips!

Click the link to the guide: https://rejuvage.com/guides/rejuv-cleanse/


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