4 Ways Love Island’s Caroline Flack Gets Her Toned & Glowing Bod

Caroline Flack, host of the summers hottest reality show, Love Island, has enviable energy, attitude and a fantastically fit body to match.

The 37-year-old has been everyone’s summer romance this season, as she keeps us up-to-date with the on-going excitement in the Love Island villa, with viewers gripped to their screens for the last 6 weeks.

How is Caroline keeping up her incredible summer glow, on top of her toned body all while hosting the most popular show of the summer?

Yeyyyyyy tonight was so fun. Thank you islanders . Thank you team . @mrvermaak @fionafaganstylist @riverisland @gucci

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We took a deep dive into her inspiring Women’s Health interview, as well as her busy Instagram feed, to catch a glimpse into her active lifestyle!

  • Body Confidence

Caroline’s strut is well known across social media! She shows off her incredible figure in slow-mo shots, oozing body confidence on and off screen.

This newfound confidence is coming from her lifestyle transformation, which includes a new gym routine with 3 weight-based sessions a week!

She is showing how all that hard work is worth it, with contagious energy, and an incredibly toned body, bringing in tens of thousands of likes on every Instagram post!

  • Yoga

Caroline has recently become a yoga fanatic, choosing to take on hot yoga classes three times a week to keep herself feeling strong and healthy.

She finds it an incredible stress reliever, and now would rather go to a yoga class after a long day than meet up with friends at the pub!

Maybe we should give up those evenings moaning with friends into a bottle of wine, in exchange for a relaxing group session at Yoga class?

camel- toe ?

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  • Eat Clean

We’ve heard it from almost every celebrity looking healthy and happy- eat clean! Caroline’s skin looks awesome (especially with a tan) and we think that the removal of sugar from her new clean diet is one of the reasons.

After cutting out alcohol and working with her PT to eat clean, she has an enviable figure!

However, Flack promises she isn’t trying to lose weight… She insists that she wants to be strong, not skinny, so she isn’t giving up the occasional Chinese takeaway yet.

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  • Skincare

Keeping up with her enviable summer glow can’t be easy. Caroline is jetting back and forth between Mallorca and her home regularly this summer.

Plane journeys can be extremely dehydrating for your skin, as well as the heat in Mallorca, but Caroline is focused on keeping her skin healthy. She has posted about Cetaphil as her go-to body moisturiser. It’s her must-have base for her body makeup.

We love hydrating skincare especially in the hot weather, and that’s what this wonder product specialises in, soothing dry skin and preventing moisture loss!

You can get Caroline Flack’s glow too. Work on eating a healthy balance this summer, while squeezing in a few mixed workouts to try something new, and keep it interesting. You can find recipes for a varied, clean diet and mixed workout routines in our guides. Download them for free, here!

The regular trips to Mallorca to visit the villa can only be helping keep up Caroline’s gorgeous summer glow. Get out in the sun and work on your tan lines this summer, but keep it safe…wear plenty of SPF for protection!

Don’t forget to feel great in your own skin. Body confidence is crucial to your summer glow, so don’t be afraid to show off your body and make the most of the amazing weather.

Take plenty of pics! You can share them with us on our social media; we love to see what our community are up to this summer!


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