2020 Positive Promises for the New year. Say No to Negativity.

2020 – a new year, a new decade, a new positive you ready to grow and start afresh. A time to change our habits to boost our health and happiness. But for this to start to happen, you need one thing – the right attitude.

Are you willing to make the effort, or are stuck in a rut and letting negative thoughts hold you back? Diets never work. I feel too tired to exercise. I cannot afford to go to the gym. One more packet of crisps does not matter.

Are you letting your history and natural thought patterns hold you back?

You’re not the only one. Most of us find we are hardwired to replay negative experience. Neuroscientists research shows your brain is programmed to see the downside and limitations. You overestimate the barriers and challenges and stay in your comfort zone.

It takes three positive thoughts to offset one negative one – that is why making ‘positive promises’ to yourself works so well – as it sets provides a framework to think positive thoughts and make changes you stick too.

It is up to you to make some positive things happen to you; you can train yourself to be positive.

  1. Assess yourself. Do an assessment of your life, from your health, work, relationships to diet, use this to find opportunities to make changes that deliver better outcomes.
  2. Make Promises to yourself. Setting yourself some clear simple promises gives you something to focus on. Which makes them more likely to happen.
  3. Focus on small changes. Look at what changes you can make gradually and use these as steppingstones rather than having setbacks by trying to do too much too fast.
  4. Open your eyes. Look beyond your normal circle to include new people and activities that add a new positive dimension
  5. Take small risks. Join a new gym, go on holiday alone, do not let fear and negativity stop
  6. Avoid overthinking. Don’t let one negative experience stop you from being positive. Remember small steps is the way to success
  7. Practice positive self-talk. Recognise your progress, share it with friends, reward yourself – talk to yourself in a positive voice.
  8. Be with positive people. Surround yourself with optimistic people who support your changes, positivity rubs off.
  9. Commitment and consistency. Every day, every bit of effort makes a difference and gets you closer to your goal so do not give.
  10. Be kind to yourself. Setbacks happen, so if you have a bad day, or hit a roadblock – just think of it as part of the journey not a reason to give up.

By focusing on the positive you will achieve so much more. So, are you ready to make your positive promises to yourself? Writing your promises down and actually spending time reflecting on them is the best way to be successful . Positive promises are motivating and a stop those negative thoughts taking over.


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