13 Tips To Feel Sexy Over 50 (and At Any Age)

This is what makes mature women hot …

Of course there is no age limit on feeling sexy. Women and men of every age can ooze sex appeal. With changing hormones and bodies what it is often most important is your attitude and how you feel about yourself.

There are whole range of sexy and stunning women over 50 who are re-dressing the cultural stereotype that over a certain age our sexual energy does not matter or disappears. How women over 50 dress, act, and feel about sex is changing the media imbalance.

Helen Mirren , Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Hurley, Lorraine Kelly, Heather Locklear, Julia Roberts, and Demi Moore are breaking media stereotypes by looking hot and mature. They show that women can be as sexy as those classic males like sexy older guys like George Clooney or Brad Pitt.

As the growing number of sexy over 50s show there no rules to being sexy. From the glam to the sporty – it is more embracing your attitude and acceptance. Gone are the days when older women dyed their hair funny colours, like my grans purple rinse, wore too much powdery makeup and over bright matching outfits.  

This is a great time to enjoy your sexuality. There is less likelihood of kids interrupting you and more time and freedom to make you and your partner feel attractive.

So here are some tips to keep you feeling sexy:

1. Self Love and Acceptance

As we get older you have more time to put yourself first and appreciate your body. The first step of feeling sexy is to accept your body, your shape, your size and who you are. There is so much to be positive about – your body, your hair, your curves, your strength – do not focus on the negatives. 

2. Sexiness Is a Mindset

The power of mindfulness applies to feeling sexy too. The best way to feel sexy is to embrace a sexy mindset. Look for inspiration and think of things that make you feel sexy. Parts of your body, past experiences, fantasies, dressing up. Think about someones body your adore or someone that adores yours. Fuel your imagination online, with books or films to get you in the mood. Fill your mind with sexy images and thoughts to get you in the mood.

3. Dress Up

Take some time to dress up, do your make up, wear something that makes you feel good. When you look the part you feel the part!

4. Keep Exploring

A great way to spice up your sex life is to challenge your comfort zone. Move away from the things you are comfortable with, leave your usual sexual routine and change it up.

Change up your wardrobe, treat yourself to something you don’t normally wear but always wanted to try. Buy some new makeup, get your hair done. A bit of self-pampering to make a new and improved version of yourself!

5. Healthy Glowing Self Esteem

It is easier to feel sexy if you feel good about yourself. The better your mind, body and soul feel the more they fuel your sexuality. High self esteem and body confidence are the best foundations for feeling sexy. So focus on looking after yourself, be active, be flexible, eat right and get lots of sleep – that will boost your mood and get you ready to party.

6. Sexy Is Not A Shape, It’s An Attitude

Self-care is about treating yourself right. Being healthy, getting enough sleep. Focusing your mind and energy on the positives and lowering stress. Take care of your body and mind, and you’ll be surprised how easy it will be to feel sexy.

7. Be a Flirt

Teasing is pleasing, so tap into your playful side and indulge in some old fashioned flirting. Lingering eye gazes, bodies touching as you pass, flowing compliments, revealing a naughty cleavage, touching a leg. A bit of flirty body language and conversation will change the mood.

8. Be Sexy Your Way

We are all different, especially when it comes to feel sexy. Being you is the sexiest thing you can be. Dress up how you want to leather, lace, latex, LBD, sweaty sports gear. Sexy is unique so just do it your way and stop worrying about stereotypes.

9. Clean and Personal Fun

Lather yourself in something lush, soak in a long bath, have a manicure and pedicure. Spray on your favourite perfume. Smelling sweet and being well groomed from head to toe is a sure way to feel sexy, so why not book a wax, a manicure, a pedicure and feel fresh and sexy. Spending a little more time on your routine will add a sparkle to how you feel.

10. Dress For Seduction

A sure way to feel sexy is so feel something sheer, lacy and seductive next to your skin. So treat yourself to some new lingerie. The Little Black Dress is always a winner and most of us have one in the back of the wardrobe, together with some heels and hold ups. The better you feel, the sexier you will be.

11. Go After Your Fantasies

Fulfil your deepest fantasies, so go with it. Sexy is following those dreams and making them a reality, getting lost in the moment and getting exactly what you want!

12. Role Play and Make It Happen

Literally, pretend that you feel sexy and confident until you actually do. Make eye contact with an attractive man, even if inside you are absolutely going to die a thousand painful deaths. Strut into a meeting in which you are intimidated with your shoulders back and head held high. Call a meeting with someone who scares the crap out of you. Ask for the promotion as if you know you’ll get it.

13. Get Your Sexy Hormones Flowing

Pleasure yourself and get your hormones flowing, its good for the body and mind. Some people use this as an approach before they go out to give off sexy vibes!

One thing you learn with age is that being sexy is not about have the perfect body, its about having the right attitude. Its all about the chemistry with yourself and your partner – being sexy has no shape or size – its all about what you have going on in your mind.

By Louise Proddow



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