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Laser Skin Resurfacing

What is laser skin resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing is a controlled and precise way to reduces winkles scars and even out the skins surface. This is a non-invasive procedure that firms skin and gives it a smoother appearance.

What types are available?

CO2 Lasers
This is the highest intensity of the laser skin resurfacing treatment. CO2 lasers make laser skin resurfacing seem more of a surgical procedure because it is more invasive. The heat restricts collagen bands to make skin appear tighter and firmer.
Erbium Lasers

Erbium Lasers
This is the best option for treating minimal fine lines. This procedure is more precise and can remove thinner layers of the skin to deliver a close result with a minimal healing period.

Fraxel Laser
This treatment requires sessions, as it uses single sessions to gradually treat he skin. This means there is very little recovery time and you don’t need to take any time off to heal.

Is laser skin resurfacing for you?

Before choosing to have laser skin resurfacing, you need to consider:

  • Do you get cold sores?
  • What prescriptions do you take?
  • Are you allergic to any antibiotics?
  • Are you comfortable with your skin peeling?
  • Can you limit your time in the sun after surgery?

You should always speak to your surgeon about all of these things in the consultation, before going ahead with the surgery.

Typical cost of laser skin resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing can cost between £1300-£4000, which will vary based on how much of your skin is being covered, the type of procedure you opt for, and whether you will be having follow up sessions

Risks & side effects

  • Burns
  • Scarring
  • Infections
  • Changes to skin pigmentation
  • Irritation and activation of cold sores

Recommended Surgeons

Best for Skin

Mr. Howard Stevens
Location: London

Dr. Nick Lowe
Location: London

Dr. Susan Mayou
Location: London

Mr. Vivek Sivarajan
Location: Clinics in Glasgow, Edinburgh & Aberdeen Scotland

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