No-Needle Mesotherapy

What is no-needle Mesotherapy?

The treatment uses a low-frequency electric current to deliver nutrients into the skin, using electrical transdermal delivery to deliver small doses of the nutrients to the skin. The ingredients rejuvenate and lift the skin, providing hydration and stimulating collagen production.

No-needle mesotherapy rehydrates the skin and can also treat cellulite and fat reduction. The treatment is minimally painful, consumers describe the sensation as similar to pins and needles and has no recovery time.

What types of no-needle Mesotherapy are available?

There are three brands currently performing the treatment.

  • Acthyderm
  • Eporex
  • DermaFrac (which also includes dermabrasion and micro-needling).

All the brands offer a similar form of no-needle mesotherapy, seeking to reap the benefits of mesotherapy without the needles.

Is Mesotherapy for you?

Very few medical conditions compromise your ability to have no-needle mesotherapy. Since the treatment uses electricity it’s not suitable for pregnant women, people with epilepsy and pacemakers. Plus it’s possible to have allergies from the ingredients so a pre-procedure patch test is worth having to ensure you aren’t allergic.

Typical cost of no-needle Mesotherapy

A session will cost £350 – £800.

Risks & side effects

There are no risks or side effects from this treatment, but patients should be in good health to undergo the procedure.

Although allergic reactions can occur due to the special serums used with the treatment.

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