Body Exfoliation

What is body exfoliation?

Essentially face exfoliation but for your whole body.  A natural salt or sugar based scrub is used to gently slough away any dead skin cells residing at the surface of the skin. The treatment makes skin smoother and fresher.

Is body exfoliation for you?

There are no contra-indications of body exfoliation, but it’s important to note that over exfoliation can lead to irritation and have an inverse effect on the health of your skin. Additionally for sufferers of eczema or psoriasis the process can be too abrasive and cause irritation.

Typical cost of body exfoliation

Treatment costs vary from £25 – £100.

Risks & side effects

Generally, there are no side effects with exfoliation, it’s considering a safe treatment and necessary procedure of a skincare routine. There is a possibility exfoliation can irritate the skin, causing dryness and redness.

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