About Us

Founded by Louise a lifelong exercise addict, author and outdoor girl, who is passionate about positive ageing, gathered a group of likeminded crazy women who regularly discuss and debate their own life experiences, embracing health, beauty treatments, fitness and happiness in their own way.  We want to share and discuss our journey with you and help to make the transition to ‘Midsterhood’ smooth!

So think of us as your friends. We’ll tell you the inside story, if it hurts we’ll say so and if it produces a miracle result – we will definitely rave about it! And we will share our favourite products in our ‘RejuvBox’ the UK’s first ‘anti’/positive ageing box of treats, enabling our community to test out wellness treats at highly discounted prices.

A profile shot of Louise Proddow, founder of Rejuvage.

Louise Proddow

Founder, author, marketer and pro-age advocate

An image of Tracey Leslie in her gym gym holding a 4kg kettlebell.

Tracey Leslie

Hair and beauty entrepreneur, exercise fanatic and marketer

A close up of Sarah Rowley smiling.

Sarah Rowley

Interior designer, healthy living fashionista and northern socialite

An image of Adelle Mitchell with her mountain bike.

Adele Mitchell

Award-winning fashion and beauty writer and women’s cycling blogger

An image of Colette Pienaar doing press ups at the gym.

Colette Pienaar

A health, fitness and sense of wellbeing professional

A close up portrait image of Gail MacIndoe.

Gail MacIndoe

Accredited master executive and life coach