What Is It?

An anti-ageing face lift routine which includes the Sarah Chapman Facialift MassageR, Ultimate Cleanse (15ml), Age Repair Serum (15ml) and a Professional Cleansing Mitt.

Why We Like It:

The routine lets you have a luxury facial treatment in the comfort of your own home.


Facialift: Push and roll The Facialift from the centre of the face out, allowing the wishbone to separate on each side of the jaw. The Facialift can be used on dry skin or with any of your skincare products to help enhance their results.

Cleanse: Massage into dry skin in upward circular motions, allowing the soufflé balm to melt into pores, add water and emulsify to a light milk and wipe away with a washcloth or our Professional Cleansing Mitt. For a quick cleanse mix with water and use as a cleansing milk.

Serum: Smooth over clean skin day and night sweeping upwards all over face, chest and around the back of the neck.

Mitt: Soak mitts in warm water, slot over 4 fingers and use to wipe away cleanser, make up and grime. Use the fine side for eye make-up removal.